Desk Displays

Date: 19 FEB posted by Polycart Bulgariaon , , 7 Comments

Desk displays are packaging items that are meant to be placed on a counter, desk or shelf. We produce all sizes and types possible, with materials up to 8 mm thick, with different qualities of print, die cut and various finishing methods.

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Cardboard Stands

Date: 25 NOV posted by Polycart Envelopeson , , 27 Comments

The cardboard stands we produce are normally made of corrugated board. However we can offer also other materials such as solid pressed board, advertising materials on top of the design. We always design those stands according to needs, so we can modify the drawers, the strength and other factors.

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Trade Fair Packaging

Date: 5 MAY posted by Polycart BGon , , 18 Comments

We can produce different types of bags, stands, carts in the form of boxes such as the one on the photo above and other packaging products for trade fairs and exhibitions, in short runs from 100 pieces up to 10 000 pieces.

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