General company information

Polypack Bulgaria is a subsidiary of the American company Polypack INTL, a producer of packaging and inserting machines for food, pharma, cosmetics and appliances sector. In addition we pack on contract, where we provide the machines and the packaging materials to insert in all types of packaging from paper, plastics, metal, carton board and corrugated materials, thus covering the complete needs. What's more, we have concentrated on small to medium runs, up to 100 000 pieces, with speciality folding, finishing and so on.

Types of Packaging Contracting

Carton Boxes - short to mid runs of boxes with straight gluing, lock bottom gluing and up to 6 corner gluing on different materials and designs

Paper Packaging - paper bags for food, starting from 40 gsm paper and going up to 200 gsm coated papers, possibility for print in line and window

Plastic Packaging - synthetic packaging of different types, BOPP, PET, cast, PE and other plastic materials with or without print, with lead times from 2 weeks, and delivery on contracts.

Laminated Boxes - laminated boxes, covering the full range of lamination - paper to paper and plastic to paper materials processing, we can supply all types of packaging for food

Corrugated Packaging - we produce corrugated packaging with both flexo and offset print, making sure we deliver constant quality and low prices for our customers for packaging in the EU

Self-adhesive labels - reels and sheet labels according to specification and customer desires, thus we cover the whole demand for packaging containers, inserts and labels where necessary.

Materials Processed


  • Silicone Coated Papers 30-100 gsm
  • Kraft Papers, white and brown colours - 40-180 gsm
  • White Offset Papers - 50-170 gsm, coated and uncoated
  • Ribbed and Plain Coated Papers
  • Papers for Food Contact and Specialities


  • Cartons with clay surface - 200-600 gsm
  • GD 2 and 3, GT, GC 1 and 2 and other standard varieties folding box board
  • Corrugated Materials - E, B and C Flutes
  • White Testliner and corrugating materials
  • Virgin Prime Fibre Board up to 800 gsm
  • Food carton for trays and cups

Partners and Clients on a Contract

Coca Cola HBC

Monsanto SEE

Actavis Group

LEGO Europe