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Box Sleeve

Cardboard Box Sleeve to hold the lid of a lunch box or store food.

Carton Cup Holder

Carton Cup Holder made from kraft material. The holders are available in different sizes for 2 and 4 cups and can be customised with additional print and lamination.

Carton Food Packaging

We offer a wide range of Carton Food Packaging for all kinds of products, along with a lot of choices for print to help you create a package that fits your products.

Carton Food Trays

Our Carton Food Trays are great for street food and takeaway as they are disposable and cheap. They are available in stock in different sizes.

Carton Mailers

Carton Mailers with custom sizes and print for packaging and shipping documents and flat products.

Carton Packaging With Print

We offer Carton Packaging With Print for retail products and such. The packaging is fully customizable in size, type, and print.

Carton Retail Packaging

Our Carton Retail Packaging is designed to attract attention and protect your products, and it's fully customizable to fit your brand image and needs.

Corrugated Cake Pads

Our Corrugated Cake Pads an affordable and sturdy packaging solution for a tour business, they are available in different sizes in stock.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Custom Cardboard Boxes to order with added pantone color printing, suitable for a cosmetic product.

Custom Cardboard Packaging

We Custom Cardboard Packaging of all kinds available lin stock, and of you are looking for something authentic and branded we offer the full range of printing services for customization.

Custom Kraft Packaging

We offer all types of Custom Kraft Packaging bags and boxes with optional print for branding.

Custom Premium Bags

Our company offers Custom Premium Bags and packaging with a wide range of options for print and coatings.